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Subaru's EJ25  2.5 liter motors are the most popular turn-key JDM motors on the market.  At Outback we check out each imported JDM motor with compression tests and inspections to valve train and oil pan. These 3 areas will tell the truth about how the motor was serviced. We only sell JDM motors that we know are solid and reliable. 

What's a JDM motor you ask?  JDM  stand for Japanese Domestic Model, which are used motors that have plenty of life left for duning.  Read more about this by clicking here.

Without taking the block apart you can bolt on parts to get up to 325HP with great reliability.  The beauty of this is the respectable torque and reliability comes from and low weight 300lb motor, not to mention the low price. This setup is a great starting place for the average person, in fact many customers start driving in the dunes using a 300HP setup, then upgrade their motor as they get experience driving.  Others are perfectly happy with 300HP and never upgrade.  And when the time comes, JDM long block replacement motors cost $1000 to $2000 depending on the condition of the motor. That's a bargain!

Lots of torque and great reliability is the hallmark of the EJ25 motor, unlike Mazda rotary motors.  Using our own selection of race parts Outback can deliver a motor in a variety of horsepower and price ranges, setup the way you want  for your budget.  And these pre-owned engines are not ugly ducklings.  We spruce them up with chrome and polish to look great, producing an engine you'll be proud to own.  For a low budget project, JDM pre-owned motors are the ticket.  The average shade tree mechanic can easily get 250 to 325HP without race pistons or rods.  We sell all the pieces.  Give us a call and lets get started.

$7000 to $9500, depending on HP, chrome, polish and setup.