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For the ultimate sandcar setup this is what you want, a lighter flywheel.  This flywheel was developed to work exclusively with the Outfront bellhousing installed on Mendeola MD4-2D or S4 transaxles.  A lighter flywheel allows a motor to rev quicker.  A quicker rev means quicker spooling of the turbo.  Bottom line, it makes your car quicker than using the standard 15lb flywheel that is normally used with a standard VW>Subaru adapter plates. This will give you the "extra edge" for the next race!

Keep in mind, you cannot use this flywheel unless you have Outfront's bellhousing on your transaxle.   And you cannot use the bellhousing unless you design your chassis with motor mounts needed specific for the Outfront bellhousing.

On the backside of our monolithic racing flywheels you will NOT find the normal weld to convert a VW flywheel to fit a Subaru crank.  These flywheels offer the ultimate in strength, reliability, weight, and power engagement to the ground.