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At Outfront we specialize in providing parts for Subaru 4 and 6 cylinder motors for custom applications, typically used for off-road cars. Although some of our parts can be legally used in street applications, we tend to specialize in the sandcar industry, which is our passion at Outfront.  Look close through our webpages and you'll find exclusive parts for sandcar applications, available only from Outfront.  These exclusive items are highlighted in BLUE font.

Most shade-tree mechanics are in a hurry, they need parts now.  This is usually intensified with a few friends pushing for a date at the dunes.  Well, we feel your pain.  It turns out nobody wants it next week, they want it now, and that's our goal.  Our parts are always in stock.  From trans adapters to water manifolds, we stock it all to make sure you don't have to wait.  We are building our inventory every day with the latest innovations the market offers in our goal to achieve "one stop shopping" for everyone, from the shade tree mechanic to the professional motor builder.

Used parts?  Yes, we have loads of those for most 4 cylinder Subaru motors.  This can be a life saver in case you lose or break something critical, some of which dealers don't stock.  Used parts can also save you a bunch of money, soup to nuts.

When it comes to Subaru powerplants, we live and breath the technology at Outfront.  Nobody else produces and sells such an extensive selection of custom Subaru race parts specific to the sandcar industry.  Engine technology is our key focus, which gives us the edge to build the most reliable turn-key motors. Although we push the limits, reliability comes first for our customers with the secondary goal of producing the most raw "in your face" power you can imagine.

You might notice we don't call our cars "dunebuggies" because the word "bug" implies a VW motor.  We have nothing at Outfront that helps with VW applications, other than valuable advice how to upgrade to a Subaru motor. So in this site you'll see "Sandcar" or "Sandrail" mentioned, which doesn't imply the motor type.

Have you lost some of your bolts or nuts?  No problem, be have all those too, almost any Subaru engine bolt you can imagine.  We even have an assortment of rubber goods, those hard to find items that dealers often have a problem keeping on their shelves.