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The foundation of a reliable race motor is in the block, pistons, and rods. These 3 major components of the motor take the most abuse and are exposed to the most stress. If you plan to target more than 300HP from your Subaru engine you must reinforce engine block components, assuming you want a long lasting motor. At Outfront we have focused on this area of the Subaru infrastructure and solved these weak links with all the parts you need to build an exciting power plant without sacrificing reliability. These component and block technologies are common place in the racing world, such as CART, NASCAR, and IRL. At Outfront we have simply adapted this common racing technology to the Subaru boxer engine, and it works absolutely awesome.

Outfront also offers complete rebuild services of your block and heads. Valve jobs are also available from $350 and up. All gaskets, bearings, plastics, cam gears, water pumps, etc. all in stock!


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Exclusive Outfront Closed deck block insures the integrity of motors that are 350HP or more. $875, SOHC or DOHC compatible.  (needs boring after this machine work) New version 3 released in 2013  

Short blocks, complete with racing rods and JE pistons can make your job easy.  Just bolt on your heads and go, well almost. $3500 outright, w/o ceramic piston coating, or HD head studs. Outfront can also rebuild your Subaru short block , starting at $900.

Valve jobs from $350 and up.

Includes all gaskets, bearings, plastic parts, cam gears, water pump, etc. all in stock.


High strength forged H style rods are the backbone of a reliable race motor.  Outfront offers the best  shot peened 4340 rods on the market for 48mm journels.  $350 phase 1, $400 phase 2 per set of 4 without bearings.  Uses stock Subaru bearings.

In house rod resizing and balancing now available


CP, JE, Wiesco, Manley, Wossner, Mahle. Also custom high performance JE pistons to Outfront specs 2618 forgings for high boost motors up to 30+psi boost. $650 and up with rings.

Ring set of 4.  $80/set