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Boost controllers are the latest rage.  Instead of setting your car to a fixed boost level, now you can have a computer control the boost by simply interrupting the pressure hose to the waste gate.  This setup lets you control the boost right from the driver seat, allowing you to take it easy on the engine when going through the dune for a more docile behavior.  But at the drags you can dial up to boost for a quick thrill ride.

Boost controller can also help you with fuel types.   Many cars can run pump grade premium with 5-6lbs of boost.  So of you're going on a long trip and don't have enough race gas, here's an alternative to get home without ruining your engine.  Just dial up 5 lbs and fill-er-up with pump gas.  This is especially handy in Mexico.

Want to blend race gas with pump?   Many cars running at 10lbs of boost can run a 50-50 blend of 110 octane and 91 octane.  This can extend your weekend fun if you're running out of race gas.  Just dial up 10lbs of boost and run a 50-50 blend.

Yes, boost controllers are adding more flexibility and options to duning.