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The clutch disc is one the most important parts of the drive train.  You don't want to go cheap in this area because it delivers all the power to the rear wheels.  If this component goes bad, your weekend in the dunes can come to a sudden stop.

Outfront offers this 6 puck disc in 8" or 9" sizes.  We offer the following splines:

 1.  Standard VW transaxle spline for VW transaxles or Mendeola MD4E

2.  G50 spline for later model Mendeola MD4-2D transaxles.

3.  Hemi splines for Mendeola S4 and S5 sequential shifter transaxles.

Outfront offers high quality pressure plates in a variety of configurations. 

1.  8" Stage II

2.  8" Stage III

3.  9" Porsche style stage II

4.  9" Porsche style stage III

We also offer the dual disk clutch setups for those what like a light pedal but have big HP to handle.

Outback Motorsports -  8071 Commonwealth Ave    -   Buena Park, CA 90621  Ph (714) 994-5222    Fax (714) 994-5633 
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