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Computer controlled fuel delivery and ignition systems are the best thing that has happened to the off-road industry.  For years enthusiasts have struggled with carburetors and rarely got their money's worth.  Jetting carburetors is a black art, often confusing and frustrating, usually left up to car owner trying out what seems to be an endless array of main jet and pilot jet combinations.  The end result usually ends up with compromise, settling on what sounds good in most of the RPM ranges, while checking for the desired cocoa brown spark plug color.  Sound familiar?

Cold starting with carburetors has always been a problem too since many of them don't have a choke mechanism.  Then there's the age old problem of getting sand in a jet,  something that haunts most carburetors more times than we like to remember.

Enter the mainstream......"FULL ENGINE MANAGEMENT".   Yeah baby!   FEM combines fuel metering and ignition control into one box, programmable to do things carburetors and centrifugal advance ignitions can't do.  Although most think fuel injection and electronic ignition is expensive, on Subaru motors it's quite reasonable.  Since the motor was designed with injection, the only additional cost is the aftermarket computer to control the injection, ignition, fuel pump, and radiator fans.  The computer costs about the same as a good set of 48 Webers.  The difference is fuel injection works so much better and the fuel economy is great.

The first thing you'll notice with computer controlled fuel injection is when you start the engine cold.  It actually idles, and doesn't knock off like 99% of the carburetor setups you'll see.  The second area you'll notice is when going over super bumpy areas, the engine won't load up like carburetors.  The third area you'll be happy to notice is the improved gas mileage.  And the forth and best part is..... MORE power without flat spots, hesitations, or coughing.  Fuel injection is so precise at all temperatures that once you try it you'll never go back to carburetors again. 

In addition to controlling the fuel so precisely, computers can also do things with your engine timing that old style centrifugal advanced ignitions can't. This helps dramatically in the mid-range RPM areas.

But there is a key to getting such great results in performance.  Tuning !  To properly tune your car and program the computer to work good under all loads and all temperatures, you need a dyno with full load control to get it right.  Good tuning helps your motor last a long time, purring happy tunes with cocoa brown spark plugs.  Without a dyno you can get close, assuming you know what you're doing.  But nothing makes engine tuning more precise than a full load dyno machine, like we use at Outback.  For each RPM range our dyno can put various loads on your car to simulate all conditions in the dunes.  When we bolt on our exhaust tip with super-fast wide band O2 sensor onto your turbo we can instantaneously determine if the engine is running rich or lean at any RPM.  On a real time basis we make adjustments, simply by tweaking the software in the computer.  When the job is finished we remove our exhaust time with O2 sensor and reinstall your exhaust tip. 

Don't be fooled, nobody can do this kind of precise tuning in the dunes.  The most precise tuning is only possible using a full load dyno with a fast wide band O2 sensor.  Outfront's John Rykowski has an enormous amount of experience in this specific area of building horsepower.  Factory trained on Motec, Link, and EMS engine management systems gives him advantages that other shops don't have.  Come by and take a look at our full load dyno.  Get it done right at Outfront feel the difference of a genuine full load dyno tune job.

Yes, we spent more time explaining this subject for performance engines because it's very important.  Why spend thousands on a motor with so much potential then skimp on the tuning possibilities for better power and gas mileage?  You gotta get it tuned right!

Full load Dyno Tune, $250 for first hr,+200/hr after.  Tie-down and hookup process is free, clock starts ticking from when your motor starts up.  Most dyno sessions last an hour.  $125 minimum charge.  Tire rental $20.