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EMS Motorsports ECU's for off-road applications

EMS Motorsport ECUs are for the discriminating tuner.  Highly accurate sequential fuel delivery and ignition control at a bargain price. Includes barometric sensor support, additional auxiliary outputs, faster processor.  This ECU is ideal for almost any race engine application, including all turbo or super-charger boost applications.  Includes sub-harness ready to adapt to your car.

Value is the advantage with EMS, providing functionality and control flexibility comparable to other ECU computers at twice the cost (Motec).


For 4 Cylinder motors.  ECU
with sub-harness $1439

Basic map install $100

At Outfront Motorsports we can custom tailor the stock sub-harness to your car if needed.

For best performance make sure to bring the car back for a dyno-tune for maximum power, cool running and best fuel economy.

For the complete system installation (ecu, finished harness, program, relays, wiring instructions with each wire labeled) price starts at $1850 (4 cyl) and up.
Custom trigger wheel for the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder runs $200


For 6 cylinder motors, ECU
with sub-harness $1479

Basic map install $100

This is what John runs on his
personal Funco Big5 Gen4

Whether you have a naturally aspirated stock V8 that you want to sqeeze out the best tuning, or a wahzoo twin turbo rocket ship, the 8860 is the perfect ECU for full tilt motors of any size or budget.

For 8 cylinder motors, ECU
with sub-harness $1519

Basic map install $100

For moderate horsepower engines on a budget, the EMS Stinger is a bargain with features usually found only on higher end computers. This ECU is designed for those not needing all of the Motorsport features. It is a fully programmable ECU suited for piston engines, 4 to 8 cylinders using batch firing. It  offers 4 ignition and injection outputs as well as 4 auxiliary outputs and one digital input.
Batch firing EMS for 4 to 8
cylinders with sub-harness
$1000.  This is our most
popular and the biggest
bang for buck ECU.

Basic map install $100

Complete Stinger with ECU, custom
harness, basic map programmed,
relays, wiring instructions with each
wire labeled. $1400



Outfront Motorsports, Inc. -  8071 Commonwealth Ave    -   Buena Park, CA 90621  Ph (714) 994-5222    Fax (714) 994-5633 
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