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EMS4860, 6860 and 8860 is for the discriminating tuner.  Highly accurate sequential fuel delivery and ignition control. Includes sub-harness and basic map installed.

Manual Download for 8860

8860 Software updates

Link to EMS North America


EMS Stinger computer system. with optional sub-harness. optional map installed.

Manual Download for Stinger

Stinger software updates

Link to EMS North America


Motec engine management systems.  This high end water resistant system is the benchmark for off-road applications.  Call to get pricing for your specific motor.  

Link 1 engine management system.  Uses batch firing.  optional sub-harness and basic map installed.


Discontinued but we have used units for sale


Outback igniter to get a hot and clean spark signal to your coils.   This is a must for motors over 300HP.  Mount provide to Subaru applications.    

Buying a ready to install harness for your Subaru motor  from Outfront is an easy way to save 8 to 15hrs of work.  Custom made harness specific for your sandrail will reduce the risk of problems long-term.  Unless you are experienced at fabricating harnesses you should leave this job to us.