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Outfront exhaust systems are guaranteed to work with the turbo when bought as a kit.  We have all the bolts, gaskets, and pieces to make your project an easy bolt on job. 

There are many systems to choose from, some with the flange for external waste gates (as pictured to right), and others without flange (see below), used with turbos that have an integrated waste gate.  We offer both types of exhaust systems for 2.0L, 2.2L, and 2.5L Subaru motors.

An integrated waste gate setup is usually less expensive than turbo setups with an external waste gate.  If you're on a budget, building a 300hp engine with about 10lbs boost, an integrated gate with turbo will suffice.  But if your long-term goal is for 400+ hp with >15lbs of boost, you should invest in an exhaust system that incorporates an external waste gate.  The benefits of an external gate are accuracy and speed of the gate. 

External gates keep the gate shut longer, letting power build faster.  The gate doesn't open as soon, forcing the turbo to spool up faster, and then the gate opens quick and large.  External waste gates can react quicker to relieve pressure since they have larger ports to dump exhaust, versus an integrated setup.  IE, when regulating at 15lbs of boost, an internal gate may start opening at 11lbs of boost to start bleeding off exhaust before you actually reach 15lbs.  This slows down the spool time of the turbo.  External gates won't open the gate until the pressure gets closer to 15lbs of boost,  minimizing spool time to create maximum horsepower sooner.



For the mid-budget minded the exhaust to the left is worth considering.  Specifically designed for turbos with integrated waste gates, it's missing the external gate flange.  Turbos with integrated waste gates cost less than the combination of a turbo with an external waste gate.  This header will suffice if you never plan to use an external waste gate setup. 

If you have a plan to start with an integrated waste gate turbo and step up to an external waste gate later, we offer the above exhaust with a blocking cap.  This alleviates buying another exhaust system later when you want to move up.

It's important to note that all Outfront exhausts are belt pulley friendly.  This means you can pull the crank pulley off the motor without removing the exhaust system.  This is very handy when you need to take off the timing belt cover to check the cam/crank timing alignment, timing belt, belt tensioner,  water pump, or cog wheels.

Here's the super econo way to go if you're building a motor up to ~300HP.  This exhaust header accepts an OEM Subaru turbo with integrated waste gate.  Outfront sells used OE Turbos that have been painted and jet coated for about half the cost of a new turbo.  They work great for boost in the 7 to 8psi range.  This is the header flange that mates to Subaru's  IHI turbo.

Need a custom header setup? Outfront also sells the pieces to build your own custom headers. We stock uncoated exhaust primary pipes with 2 into 1 collectors welded on.  Sold in pairs, you just weld your pipes onto Outfront primaries, then paint or jet coat.