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Click on pictures below for more information

Billet fuel rail and 50lbs injector setup, custom by Outfront. $400 for set. Includes billet rails, 50lb injectors, O-Rings and bushings.  (fuel lines, fuel regulator, and regulator adapter not included)

Available for SOHC and DOHC motors.  Some SOHC intake manifolds need machining to accept rail setup, $90 for mods.


Injectors and rails

50lb injectors, set of 4, $300

72lb, 83lb or 120 lb injectors, set of 4, $420.

Fuel rails kit only, set of 2,  no injectors, $160, or chrome rail kits for $180


Pierburg super quiet high pressure fuel pump.  A little smaller unit that we believe is better than the Bosch pump. $220

Gas tank well.  This welds onto the bottom of a standard cylindrical 10gal  aluminum gas tank.  This will minimize the risk of sucking air into your fuel lines when the gas runs low. Kit's are $50.  We'll install for another $45 on a new tank, or $90 on used tanks.


Primary filter, installed between fuel tank and fuel pump.  Fine enough to remove sand to protect your fuel pump.  $15


100 micron

Secondary fuel filter, installed after the fuel pump and before the fuel rails.  Fine enough to remove the smallest of dust particles to protect your fuel injectors. $15 without -6 fittings, $35 with #6 AN fittings on both ends.

Fuel rail hose kit for stock fuel rails.  Does not work with 2.5L SOHC.  $90.

Hose only (with 90' fittings on both ends) for use with all 4 cylinder billet fuel rails, two lengths available. $50



Get rid of that ugly Subaru OE fuel line setup on your motor. Use our easy to install braided lines. 

Show some pride!

Stock fuel rail flange adaptor, used with braided hoses on stock fuel rails.  Doesn't work with 2.5L SOHC motors.  3 of these adapters are included in the above fuel rail hose kit.$15. 


Utilize your stock OE fuel regulator with Outfront billet fuel rails (shown above) using this adapter. $25.