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Sometimes it is a hassle describing what you need at a dealer parts person that isn't familiar with off-road applications of the Subaru motor.  You may not have the year of your engine, you may not know the best setup for the sand, or you may want some advice on assembly.

Outfront employees have the intimate knowledge of every Subaru motor to lend a helping hand.  We also have al the little parts, like belts and bearings. 

Nuts and bolts are a common problem with the do-it-yourselfer.  Subaru has a few specialized bolts, certain sizes and lengths can be tough to find at a dealer. If you need to match up something, Outfront is the place to do it.   We have nuts and bolts by the thousands, all cleaned up and plated to look pretty on your motor.  They are a fraction of the cost you'd pay at a dealer too!
Gaskets are very important.  Getting the right one for the job is critical.  At Outfront we carry a huge assortment of gaskets.  We can also give you guidance on how to install certain gaskets so they perform well.  Shown here are just a few of the many gaskets we sell.  Seal it right, and seal it good with gasket kits or gasket pieces from Outfront.
In addition to gaskets, there are an assortment of rubber goodies on various Subaru motors that can be hard to find.  No problem at Outfront, give us a call, or stop by if you need to match up a piece you can't describe.

Outfront is where to rubber meets the sand.  (ok, weak pun).