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Click on pictures below for more information

Outfront intercooler for motors 2.0L to 2.5L.  Configurable for different turbos and blow-off valves.  $600 plus $50 for fitting (without scoop) Outfront trapazoid intercooler.  Funco arrangement, uses custom alternator setup.  $800 for intercooler shown
Custom fiberglass scoop for Outfront intercooler, ready to paint.  $160 for scoop only.

Custom fiberglass scoop for trapezoid intercooler, ready to paint.  $300 scoop only.



Assorted blow-off valves in popular hot colors.  $250 silver, red, blue,  or black.  Includes mild steel or aluminum flange and clamp.

Intercooler bracket and hose/tube kit unchromed, fits between intercooler and trans bellhousing bolts. $150
High flow K&N filer setup with flange to adapt to your turbo.  $45 filter only with 6" to 5" taper, 6" long.  Other sizes available.

All 5X6 Outerwears, $18

IHI turbo inlet flange $30 jetcoated

Labor for Installation

Intercooler tube J-tube fabrication, scoop and bracket mounting,  plus installation for your car, similar to this picture without paint,  $150.


Electronic boost controller to set boost levels from the cockpit. $450, or $650 with digital display.


Get our complete kit,  including trapezoid intercooler, scoop, brackets, tubes, hoses, and installation, ready to paint,  $1400.