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Building a new car?  This is something to consider, a Subaru bellhousing for your Mendeola transaxle.  It positions your motor 1.25" closer to your axles, minimizing your rear engine weight leverage to the front end.  Less engine leverage improves your handling characteristics. 

Three things to know...

1.  This will cost you about $860 for 200mm flywheel kit, or $900 for the 220mm (9" flywheel) kit.  You can usually negotiate $100 to $200 off with your transaxle builder for the stock VW style bellhousing they won't be using.

2.  You must tell your chassis builder you want to use this setup before the chassis is tabbed out for your motor and trans because the motor location is different. The motor will sit farther forward, which is a good thing.

3.  This bellhousing lets you utilize an exclusive 9" flywheel that's 3 to 5lbs lighter than a standard 2pc welded flywheel needed for the adapter kit.  This means less mass to get the flywheel spinning, resulting in a quicker revving motor allowing you to reach turbo boost levels faster...... yeah baby!

 Outfront's exclusive Mendeola to Subaru bellhousing.

Here's a picture of the inside of the Outfront MS bellhousing. 

If you're planning to use a Subaru motor and a Mendeola transaxle, this is a no brainer.  For a mere $200 more than the standard adapter setup you get a clean bolt up bellhousing with a Subaru engine pattern.  No more adapter plates to buy.  This bellhousing pulls your motor closer to your axles, a good thing to help car handling.

Another option to consider if you want a really trick sandrail is an internal clutch slave.  Instead of using the traditional external clutch slave with the VW style clutch arm with adjustment, this option replaces the external slave cylinder with a direct clutch ram positioned inside the bellhousing, just like a Formula 1 Car! 

The lower hose in this picture is connected to your clutch master cylinder.  The upper hose is the bleeder hose to bleed off any air in the system.

You can fool everyone with this setup when you ask them to help you adjust your clutch.

This shot shows you the 4 1/8" length of the new Outfront bellhousing.  You can compare this the a standard Mendeola bellhousing and adapter plate to see the advantage you get.  Remember, this bellhousing bolts directly to almost any Subaru, all 2.0L, 2.2L, 2.5L, 3.0L and 3.3L motors. 

When you order your transaxle you can order it specifically using the Outfront bellhousing.  This  product is offered in cooperation with Mendeola, Weddle Industries, and all authorized Mendeola dealers.  You will not be wasting a standard bellhousing, the dealer will order the transaxle kit from Mendeola/Weddle without a bellhousing and apply the cost savings to the purchase of the Outfront bellhousing.  Outfront will sell this exclusive bellhousing to any Mendeola dealer.