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Click on pictures below for more information

Shortened oil pans with or without turbo oil return AN fitting $270 with pickup (exchange)



  This pan reduces the amount the pan hangs down to prevent potential damage from terrain. This puts the bottom about 10 3/4" below the crank center. 4.75" below bottom of block  



Mid-Engine oil pans $370

Single Kickout 5.5qt oil pans $370

Dual kickout 6.5qt oil pans $470

All modified oil pans require a custom billet dipstick, $30 exchange.  Optionally you can remark the OEM stick. Use the "twist" above the stock full mark as your new "full" mark

Cut oil sump pickup, needed for cut oil pans.(included with oil pan above) We will custom build an oil pickup for your pan.  We have a custom jig that places the pickup screen exactly 1/4" above the pan floor.  Any lower or higher can lead to engine failure!!  $90 plus your pickup.  
Custom oil filler to replace that ugly OEM filler.  Includes cap, o-rings and filler.  $50 standard, $70 polished, 45˚ angled $80, WRX/STI straight $80.