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Yes, we have loads of Subaru motors and parts, imported from Japan.

Subaru motors are the latest rage for sandrail applications. Basically you're getting a VW motor on steroids.  The infrastructure of a Subaru motor has an amazing growth path to produce loads of HP with bolt on parts.  We always keep JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) Subaru pre-owned motors in stock. For a bargain price of $1000 to $2000 you can get a good used motor that has lots of life left in it, ideal for a sandrail project.

Where do they come from?  Japan has very strict emission laws, more strict than California.  After a vehicle accumulates 30K miles in Japan the government levies very high taxes on the car.  These taxes are so high that it's cheaper for the owners to sell their car for parts and buy a new car.  Since there is no market for used motors in Japan, they are exported around the world.  These motors are perfect for the sandrail enthusiast looking for a good used long block motor core.  At Outfront we completely check out these motors upon arrival and sell only the best long blocks to our customers.  Without opening up the motor you can virtually slap an Outback exhaust, turbo, and computer on these used motors and produce up to 300HP, reliably.  There's no need to rebuild the motor because these engines have lots of life left, good for years of duning.  Then when you're ready for more horsepower just rebuild the motor with race rods, pistons, bigger injectors, along with a closed deck block and the shade tree mechanic can get over 400HP, just by cranking up the turbo boost.  Check out our MOTOR MATRIX to understand the possibilities.

JDM motors from Japan keep the cost low with high volumes of used engines and parts flowing from Japan. With ~30K miles on the motor they are barely broken in, ready for the sand!  These engines come complete with injectors, OE fuel rails, OE fuel regulator, coil with plug wires, power steering pump, alternator, intake manifold, throttle body, and usually a belt.  Yes, it's basically a complete motor ready to start, less computer.  The OE computer will not work in a sandrail application because it's not programmable to adapt to turbo applications, not to mention the OE computer would be a wiring mess.