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Racing pistons are a must for Subaru motors that produce more than 400HP.  The heat and stress that high boost applications produce can destroy a stock Subaru piston over time.

The JE pistons offer superior strength and durability, far more resilient than stock pistons.  If you're replacing stock pistons you might as well use the best available.  JE has been know for years for their quality and consistency for durability.  They make pistons for almost any application you can think of. These pistons are exclusive from Outfront, engineered by JE to Outfront specifications. 

We offer our exclusive one piece oil ring setup, not the OE 3 piece setup which can wear out faster.

This sample here shows the deep valve pockets for valve clearance to help prevent valve interference, as well as reducing hot spot.  This non-interference piston is designed to withstand up to 30PSI, plenty of strength for over 125HP per piston.

Outfront offer pistons setups from basic to complex.  We have pistons available in 3 configurations:

1.  SOHC 2.5L block with stock heads.
2.  DOHC 2.5L block with stock heads.
3.  SOHC or DOHC 2.5L block with 2.0L rockerarm style heads.