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Here's a general diagram on how the wiring of a sandrail could be setup.  This diagram doesn't include other bling, like radios, GPS, or seat heaters, etc.  This is a basic wiring diagram for a Subaru car with turbo.  Click Here for a printable copy.  Thanks go to Brian Miller of Coos Bay, OR for contributing the diagram.

Electrical Formulas 101

Watts / Volts = Amps

Amps X Volts = Watts

Example:  If you have a 100Watt 12V halogen light and want to know the amps, this is calculated:

100watts / 12volts = 8.33amps      or          100 / 12 = 8.33

Compared that to a 36 watt HID light, which would be calculated:

36 / 12 = 3amps

Be careful though, HID lights need 7 or 8 amps each during a short startup period.

The relays noted in the diagram above are common auto relays available at any autoparts store.  But beware, most relays have a pinhole vent in the plastic case to prevent moisture from building up inside. Usually moisture isn't a problem in the dunes, but a bigger problem is fine dust that enters this hole which can disable the relay (happens all the time).  You can prevent that by filling the hole and case edges with silicon seal glue.  See more info here.

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