Outfront BRZ MAGNUM Closed Deck FA20 Shortblock

Outfront BRZ MAGNUM Closed Deck FA20 Shortblock
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Block Configurations:

This Block Is Our Closed Deck BRZ/FRS (S20) Shortblock with Forged Internals and Machined for ½” Head Studs.

This engine consists of the following parts:
  • Seasoned FA20 BRZ/FRS Case Halves (S20) Closed Deck ·
  • Forged Pistons (Default is Custom CP 12.5:1 but Other Options are Available) ·
  • CarrillFA20 Pro-H Connecting Rods W/ 3/8” CARR Bolts ·
  • King Performance Bearings · New OEM Subaru Heat Treated Crankshaft ·
  • Block Machining for Outfront Motorsports ½” Head Studs (Studs Are Additional) ·
  • DEFAULT: 12.5:1 Custom CP UNLESS you select a different Block Configuration in the pull down.
    • 10:1 CP Pistons Part Number SC7406
    • 10:1 Manley Pistons
    • 10.5:1 JE Pistons Part Number 315118
    • 12.5:1 JE Pistons
    • 13.5:1 Je Pistons Part Number 315121

Piston Coatings and WPC options also available upon request.