M&W Pro-10 CDI Ignition Box

M&W Pro-10 CDI Ignition Box

The M&W Pro-10 CDI is a single channel ignition amplifier designed to be used where a distributor is still used.  It can be hall effect or ECU triggered


M&W produces the finest quality CDI units on the market. With application ranging from Formula 1 to Import Drag Racing to Pro Mod.

  • Maximum ignition frequency = 600Hz
  • Supply Voltage = 13.8 DC (negative ground only)
  • Operating Voltage = +5 to +15V (Restrictions apply)
  • Ignition coil voltage = 480V
  • Output is short circuit protected
  • Reverse polarity and load dump protected
  • Spark Energy = 115mJ
  • 12V tacho output
  • LED indicator power/trigger
  • -40degrees Celcuis to +105 degrees Celcius
  • Dimensions W=110mm, H=40mm, L=110mm
  • Weight = 530grams Maximum current draw = 5A