ACT Heavy Duty 6-Puck Disc Clutch Kit Subaru STI 04-12


Consider carefully which clutch is right for your car. First you need a clutch that will hold all the power, but not too excessive. For street use, you also need a long lasting clutch that has a positive feel, smooth engagement and quiet operation. For racing, you need a tough clutch that will enable quick shifts and hard slips all the way to the finish line. The SB4-HDG6 Includes the Following Components SB-013X - Heavy Duty Pressure Plate - Clamps load increase of 40%, Pedal feels moderate to Stiff, SFI Certified to insure safety. Torque Capacity 660ft/lbs 6240618 - Sprung 6 Puck Disc - Recommended for Road Racing and high power Street, Increased torque capacity and spline life, Very good durability and good spline life, Quiet operation, reduced driveline shock. RB60 Release Bearing OEM Quality Throw out Bearing PB1004 Pilot Bearing OEM Quality Pilot Bearing AT87 Alignment Tool For Quick and Easy Installation.