Tomei EJ255/EJ257 Unequal-Length Header for Single Scroll

Tomei EJ255/EJ257 Unequal-Length Header for Single Scroll

High Efficiency 4-1 Type
We introduced the high efficiency 4-1 as against the STD 4-2-1. The exhaust efficency of the standard exhaust manifold is not perfect. But Tomei 4-1 type exhaust manifold has high efficency. You could see the change of dramatically driving feeling.
Not-Equal Length Design
The complete equal length is good for the exhaust intervention but reduce the turbine performance and increase the exhaust resistance. Contrary to that, the not-equal length exhaust manifold can lead the efficiency of other cylinders. Tomei design the not-equal length.
Great Expansion of Bore Size of Support Pipe
Tomei enlarged the bore size of support pipe φ60 from the STD one φ42.7. This diameter of support pipe will show the great performance at the boost up or turbine replacement.
Dry Racing Sound
We design not-equal length same as STD that is remained the boxer sound. The clear sound which got dry further by change to the diameter of the support pipe and the stainless steel quality of the material is pulled out and the good feeling could be obtained at the acceleration.Ultra High Quality
We design the Lost Wax type strength flange. We are perticular about the welding and exhaust efficiency is improved very much.
Lightweight & Rust-Proof
We select SUS304 stainless steel which is lightweight and rust-proof.
Easy Installation
We prepared bolts, gaskets, and easy and full instruction manual for privator. Everybody can install.