Closed Deck EJ20 Stroker (2.14l) Base Shortblock

Closed Deck EJ20 Stroker (2.14l) Base Shortblock
  • Closed Deck EJ20 Stroker (2.14l) Base Shortblock
  • Closed Deck EJ20 Stroker (2.14l) Base Shortblock
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This Block Is Our Closed Deck EJ20 Stroker (2.14l) With Forged Internals. This shortblock is for 550 WHP or less and 30 PSI of boost.

This closed deck block design has been proven to withstand extreme boost levels resulting in high cylinder pressures without the worry of cracking a sleeve. The billet material that reinforces the combustion area has been further optimized with our V3 closed deck block in the known problem areas making it a far superior product to any sleeved block. With a closed deck block the stock sleeves are still in place eliminating all risk of dropping sleeves and pushing coolant that you have with a sleeved block.

This engine consists of the following parts:
  • Seasoned EJ205 case halves
  • V3 Closed Deck Process
  • Forged Pistons (Default is CP but you can choose any shelf JE, Manley, or CP piston)
  • Outfront Motorsports H Beam Rods
  • King Performance Bearings
  • New OEM Subaru EJ257 79mm Stroke Black Nitrite Treated Crankshaft
  • DEFAULT: 8.5:1 Custom CP Pistons UNLESS you select a different Block Configuration in the pulldown.
    • 8.5:1 JE Stroker Pistons
    • 9.5:1 JE Stroker Pistons
    • 8.5:1 Manley Stroker Pistons

No Core required!!

If you have higher power goals or are looking for something different from this block, feel free to contact us to get the correct built block for your application. All of our builds can be completely customized. All of our assembly is done in house in our clean room to ensure excellent quality control. Our Blocks are all bored/honed using torque plates. All tolerances are double checked and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to assembly.