EJ Spring Kits

SKU GSC-5074

The GSC Power-Division Dual Conical Valve Spring Kit with Ti Retainer & Chromoly Seats for the Subaru EJ platforms includes 16 titanium retainers, 16 dual conical valve spring sets, and 16 chromoly valve spring seats.

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SKU GSC-5743

GSC cylindrical single valve spring kit for the Subaru turbo EJ WRX and STi. Made for the Suby owner that daily drives their hot rod and keeps the boost and revs down. These Springs are the same quality and consistency as our popular beehive spring kit. The nano-peened AS50 round wire will perform with a RPM limit of 8200 and boost levels up to 32PSI on S1 or S2 profile cams. Strict quality control on the springs and the CNC machined Titanium retainers give you peace of mind that your valvetrain is always under control.

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SKU GSC-5043

GSC Power-Division Beehive springs feature some of the most impressive manufacturing techniques in the industry. Our beehive spring uses an ovate wire which utilizes advanced material heat treatment methods for superior load loss capabilities. What this means to you is our spring has the highest level of spring load retention while still maintaining good fatigue threw out the life of the spring. Only the best materials go into the GSC Power-Division Beehive valve spring. Each batch is scrutinized for tensile strength properties, ductility, inclusion content, and fatigue toughness.

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