Outfront Motorsports Pro Series 1/2" Head Studs for EJ and FA 625+

Outfront Motorsports <i>Pro Series</i> 1/2" Head Studs for EJ and FA 625+

Now Available!!! With the growing success of our ½” ARP2000 studs we bring you the Pro Series ½” 625+ Headstud Kit. These are the go to for 1000+ HP Subaru Engines


  • Reduced shank diameter (allows for no head gasket modifying)
  • More thread engagement in block over 11mm studs
  • Uses stock alignment pins without modifying case or heads
  • Over 200ft/lbs tested for stud "pull-out" in block
  • Custom large diameter hardened washers to prevent embedding into head under heavy torque values and HP levels
  • Note, block machining can be done with shortblock assembled for an additional $100 fee. Bare cases are preferred.

In conjunction with ARP, Outfront Motorsports has an exclusive design with our specs and innovative design. Look for our markings, accept no imitations.