This page can help the "DO IT YOURSELF" car builder avoid common mistakes, making things easier and less frustrating.  This page will continue to grow as we get time and information to add to it, so check back periodically. 

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Have you ever broken your Buggy Whip by driving it into the trailer, forgetting about the antenna? Yep, been there, done that.

Buggy whips cost about $40 new, but if you have 45 minutes to repair one it only costs $3!

Here's a process to extend the life of your whip antenna. This may be helpful to make a spare antenna, or simply give yourself an excuse to work in the garage one night. You can repair a buggy whip many times, maybe 6 or 7 times, until it's too short to use.

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CV maintenance is an important part to prevent ruining a perfectly good weekend.  It's recommended you inspect your CV's every 15th trip to the dunes, or at least once every 2yrs, whichever comes first.  Inspection requires disassembly of the CV and wiping off all the grease so you can see the metal surfaces for wear, pits, or cracks.  If it's your first time to inspect a CV it's recommended you consult with someone "in the know" so you can learn what you're looking for.  Most of the reputable parts houses who sell CV's can help you with that.

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If you ever load your Subaru powered sandcar into the trailer, tow the trailer a distance, then find out your car won't start, you're likely the victim of a slipped timing belt.  What likely happened was your tow straps were not tight enough, and the car rolled backwards, turning your motor over in reverse.  This can make your motor skip a cog on the timing belt.  To prevent this situation you need to know this crucial tidbit of info.

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If you're building a new motor or a new car .....READ THIS CAREFULLY, and read it 3 times so it sinks in how important these simple steps are. PAY ATTENTION the first day!  That's right, simply pay attention to your car.  We have seen this dozens of times when someone builds their own car and thinks they have made no mistakes.  They tested and retested in the garage, so everything is good to go, right?  Unfortunately this can cost you thousands of dollars and weeks of downtime if you don't simply, PAY ATTENTION to your car on the first day. Mistakes are made, but the biggest mistake is forgetting to PAY ATTENTION on your first day in the sand.

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