Outfront Motorsports not only sells the go fast parts you need to build high performance Subaru power cars, they also offer repair services in case you need help. Can't figure out how to fix your problem, bring it by and let us take a look. We've seen almost everything you can think of when it comes to Subaru products. Whether you need something fixed to OEM specs, or modified for better performance, we offer a full array of repair and upgrades services so you don't have to get your hands greasy. Need your car dynoed? We can help with that too.Engine Warranty Info and Installation Recommendations

At Outfront Motorsports we have introduced the ability to deck both block halves at the same time registering off the crank centerline, this insures a perfect piston to deck height on all cylinders, the deck surface On our high speed resurfacer is next to none.

  • block halves deck  $120 per pair
  • heads decked   $80 per pair
  • oil pan railing decked  $100

  • We are expert at thread repairing (Time-sert) most repairs range from $20-30 per hole
  • More difficult would be the bellhousing bolts ranging from $60-100 per repair
  • We can also do the head bolt holes in the block $50 for first one $30 for any additional


Accel Import Auto Repair has been in business since 1986 repairing foreign cars. Although we specialize Subaru, we also repair all foreign cars, both Asian and European. Accel is located in the same building as Outfront Motorsports, located in Buena Park just a few blocks West of Fullerton airport, on Commonwealth.

Accel Repair can help you with almost any vehicle repair issues you might have. If you'd like to get a quote please give Mike a call at 714 994-5600