2.0L JDM

2.0L JDM motors offer great value for lighter cars under 1300lbs.  Ideal for 2 seat sandrails or 4 seat desert cars, a 2.0L Subaru motor can put out over 200HP on a low budget. 

This setup is perfect for the person that wants to get away from older VW aircooled pushrod technology.  These 4 valve per cylinder motors have over head cams and fuel injection for efficiency with an awesome power to weight ratio.  The biggest advantage of Subaru motors over VW technology is the reliability.  The fuel economy of fuel injection is about 30% better than carburetors, not to mention alleviating the hassle of clogged jets in those Weber carburetors.  Say good-bye to valve adjustments on your VW when you move up to Subaru SOHC or DOHC setups.

2.0L Turbo, 220HP, pump gas, $Call for latest Pricing

Turn-Key Motor includes adapter kit with flywheel, jet coated exhaust, stock IHI turbo, tail pipe, air filter, fuel pump, modified throttle body, modified water crossover, polished intake manifold, engine management computer with harness and relays, modified oil pan, and stainless water and oil lines to turbo.  Does not include clutch, pressure plate, fuel filters, or Outwear.

2.0L Turbo, 220HP, pump gas, chrome and polish as shown above $Call for latest Pricing

Save as above plus chrome alternator, detailed turbo (polish, painted, jetcoated), jetcoated air inlet flange, chrome J-tube, chrome valve covers, polished throttle body, polished water crossover,