400 to 500HP Turnkey Motors

Outfront's 400-500HP class new motors are very popular for turn-key requirements. With plenty of punch and grunt for 4 and 5 seat cars this class of motor is a great choice for a huge variety of applications.  This class of motor uses a 2.5L engine and comes in a variety of capabilities using off the shelf (some parts are exclusive to Outfront) components that we have proven reliable, providing great value. 

For drivers using motors in the 400HP range it's recommended that you have at least 1 season of driving experience in the dunes driving a car with 300HP or less before using something as powerful as our 400-450HP package.  400HP can be a handful to drive, especially for the newbie driver in the dunes. It's very important to get some experience under your belt before you buy something this powerful.

Outfront turn-key motors include the motor, adapter with flywheel, computer, fuel pump, air cleaner, and wiring harness ready to install in your car.  We can also provide all the pieces for the installation, such as fuel lines, fuel filters, etc.  Or, if you like we can do the installation for you.

Below is a top view of Outfront's exclusive reverse mount trapezoid intercooler setup.  This configuration helps alleviate the problems associated with the J tube hitting the frame or body members in front of the engine in rear engine setups.  The airflow tubing in this is a real showpiece, clearly visible from the rear to impress everyone following you. 

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