600HP Turnkey Motors

For the experienced driver Outfront has just what you're looking for, raw in your face G-Force power that's reliable and loads of fun.  These engines are based on Subaru's 2.5L motor producing up to 600HP.  If  power is what you're looking for, you're in the right place.

Outfront's 600HP full tilt 4 cylinder motor contains all the latest Outfront technology, much of what we won't disclose for common knowledge, including the displacement.  Lets just say it's larger than 2.5L and leave it at that!  When cost is no option we can provide more horsepower than you could ever imagine from such a light weight motor.  About the only way you'll get beat at the drags is by another Outfront full tilt motor. 


This class of motor should only be considered by an experienced dune driver that has driven 400+ HP motors for more than 1 season.  Our 600HP engine delivers so much punch that extensive sand duning experience is highly recommended to prevent accidents.  Helmets and 5 point harnesses are highly recommended even for the experienced duner.  With so much power you should only put this in the best 4130 grade chassis available with the strength and handling to be safe. This motor delivers the closest thing to funny car performance in the sand you can buy while keeping your car light and nimble. Be careful.

The best transaxle to use with an engine this potent is Mendeola's high-end S4 sequential shifter which will handle up to 900HP in the sand.  The midrange MD4-2D will not last more than1 or 2 season if you use all the power from this engine......... and who can resist 600HP when it's at the tips of your toes?  So if you're thinking about upgrading your car to be the fastest in the desert, don't forget to upgrade the drive train too.

If you want to go super-fast, call us for the price.