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High End GT type Ball Bearing Turbo


This is one of our high end ball bearing turbos for applications around 500+HP.  The compressor inlet is a massive 4" and the outlet is 2.5".

It's very pretty, spools extremely fast, and puts out lots of air!


You can't go wrong with this baby.  Using the T25 flange exhaust connection it's an easy fit.  This picture is a good view of the large compressor (right side) housing, with a massive air intake connection.  I can hear Popeye  saying.... "well blow me down".
This baby can cram loads of air down the throat of an EJ25 Subaru motor, but you'll need the engine infrastructure to to handle the stress.  Without proper engine strength you'll quickly grenade your motor with this turbo.  See our motor matrix to learn what you need.

Oh yeah, you'll need the gonads to hang on to the steering wheel too!  Grunt, grunt...