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T3/T4 BIG SHAFT turbo

This is a very popular big shaft T3/T4 turbo.  It incorporates the flange and exhaust side turbine of a T3, and the compressor side turbine of a T4.  This setup covers target horsepower applications of 300 to 450HP.  It's also rebuildable when the time comes.

You can't go wrong with Turbonetics. They have been the business for many years and offer a huge variety of turbos for almost any kind of application you can think of.  Outfront is a master distributor of their products.

This turbo requires an external waste gate.  Turbo as shown, $870.


Most turbos are setup to be water cooled to enhance turbo life.  Water cooling keeps the oil from boiling  after you turn off the engine off which can create a crusty oil residue.  Boiling oil creates a sludge that is hard on bearing mating surfaces, not to mention it can clog the oil return line which can hinder flow.  Using synthetic oils can reduce sludge buildup, but water cooling is the secret to enhancing turbo bearing life.

For oil return lines, Outfront recommends and only uses only #10 oil return lines to the oil pan.

A water source to supply water to the turbo can be tapped into at the water crossover.  This is the hottest water that comes from the engine, but  cooler than the turbo.  The water return line attaches at the water pump/thermostat housing.