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Stock Subaru Turbo

This is a stock Subaru EJ20 turbo that has been cleaned up, jet coated, painted, and polished.  This dolled up turbo comes exclusively from Outfront for the budget project.  Beauty and respectable performance for a song.  Since this dude is small it's spools up very quick on 2L and 2.5L motors. 
This turbo has air volume limits to produce about 280HP.  But in a 2 or 4 seat car many owners are very happy with it.  Your car will go up any hill you can find......... just ask anyone that owns one of these type baseline motors.  The bang for buck is a bargain compared to a VW platform.


Outfront sells these turbos with jet coat and paint for about $350, about half what a standard T3 turbo costs.  These small turbos will spool quickly to about 7 to 9lbs of boost.  The exhaust flange for  Subaru's OEM turbo is unique, so if you ever wanted more horsepower you would need to buy another exhaust system.  Given this limitation, it's an awesome way to save about $400 and get respectable horsepower.