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Buggy Whip Repair, $3 and 45min work.

Have you ever broken your Buggy Whip by driving it into the trailer, forgetting about the antenna?  Yep, been there, done that.

Buggy whips cost about $40 new, but if you need to repair one to save time or money, here's a process to extend the life of your whip antenna.  This may be helpful to make a spare antenna, or simply give yourself an excuse to work in the garage one night.  You can repair a buggy whip many times, maybe 6 or 7 times, until it's too short to use.


When you drive your buggy into an enclosed trailer and forget to take off your antenna it usually breaks off and looks like this.

If only the very bottom of your fiberglass antenna is  splinted, say 2 to 5 inches,  this kind of break can be repaired fairly easy.

If the antenna is split all the way up, it's trash, just go buy another one.


This is what the base typically looks like.  If the threads are OK it's very likely you can repair this mishap fairly quick and easy.
First of all you'll need to buy a replacement RCA jack from Radio Shack, or other electronics store.  It's important the threads on the jack are 1/4" diameter.  Usually they are all that size.

These jacks cost about $1.50 if you can find them individually, but Radio Shack sells them in a "4 pack" for about $5. 

Just save the extras for the next mind fart when you forget to remove the antenna ;-)

The jacks come with a nut and a ground washer.  You won't need those, so remove them and throw away.
This is all you'll need for your antenna repair, along with some 5min epoxy.

For the first timer, you may want to buy epoxy that take 90 minutes to setup.  That will allow more time for you to take your time during the assembly process.


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